Race Day Parking Details-  $13 per car. You can pay in one of two ways:

  1. Pay with Park by Plate: Speed up your arrival and pay for your parking by using UCI’s Park by Plate System. You may pre-pay your parking using Park by Plate for $13 per vehicle 

Click Here  then follow the prompts to complete your transaction. Vehicles registered through Park by Plate may enter the back of the Student Center Parking Structure (off of Campus Drive). Your license plate serves as your permit, so no paper is needed!

  1. Pay at the Kiosk: You can also pay $13 in cash per vehicle on race day at the Student Center Parking Structure Kiosk located on Pereira Drive and at the Social Science Parking Structure Kiosk off of Stanford Street. Please note, there is only one Kiosk entrance at each parking structure. If you wish to pay in cash day-of, please enter at the Kiosk entrances.

Directions: To find the parking structure, simply enter “UCI Student Center Parking Structure” or “UCI Social Science Parking Structure” using web-based navigation tools.

If you have questions regarding parking, please call UCI Guest and Event Services at 949-824-2691.